Stay and Train

This program is available for puppies purchased through Cavapoo Kennels or Cavapoo Acres. Your puppy stays with their breeder for an additional three weeks where they receive one on one training from myself and my team four days per week. Once enrolled you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to access the program summary with example videos, weekly recap videos of your individual puppy and how to book your complimentary Zoom lesson.

Are you a breeder interested in starting a Stay and Train Program for your clients? Email me for more information:


Please Scroll Down for everything you need to know.

    Everything You Need To Know

    Week 1 
    • Charging the Clicker
    • Follow a Food Lure
    • Name Recognition
    • Hand Target
    • Mat Step 1
    • Reset Cookie¬†
    • Sit
    • Introduce harness
    • Light Handling & Restraint
    Week 2
    • Review Behaviors from Week 1
    • Mat Step 2
    • Down
    • Longer Duration in Harness
    • Crate Games
    • Accept Grooming Equipment, Handling & Restraint
    • Flying Cookie Game
    Week 3
    • Review Behaviors from Weeks 1 & 2
    • Mat Step 3
    • Introduce Leash with Harness
    • Duration in Crate
    • Accept more Grooming Equipment, Handling & Restraint
      Your puppy must have been purchased through Cavapoo Kennels or Cavapoo Acres for their Premier or Executive Puppy Program.
      Cavapoo Kennels or Cavapoo Acres.
      Included in the purchase of your puppy