Learn to play the game that EVERY dog can enjoy. Low impact on the handler but incredibly enriching for your dog.

Our Scentwork class will introduce you to the sport in Learn to Hunt and continue to build on skills in subsequent classes.

In our intro class we will build drive for your dog’s natural sniffing and searching abilities by allowing them to solve straightforward to moderately difficult odor puzzles with food. At the last class we may pair some searches with odor so you can see how we will introduce the odor in the next level. 

Please Scroll Down for everything you need to know.

    Everything You Need To Know

    Scentwork Classes meet at our facility at 428 Zimmerman St. North Tonawanda, NY 14120.

    Scentwork is a one dog at a time activity. You will enter the building and then take a seat at a station. Each station will contain seating for you and a crate for your dog and they will be separated by dividers so dogs are not staring at each other throughout class. If you are unsure how your dog will behave while crated, it will be a good idea to bring a few options to help keep your dog occupied when it is not their time to search. Examples include:

    • A sheet or blanket to cover the crate if decreasing additional visual stimuli might be helpful for your dog
    • Stuffed Kong
    • Snuffle mat to drop treats into as needed throughout class
    • Chew sticks or dental treats if that takes your dog some time to enjoy
    • I will have one or two Treat and Trains (remote treat dispensing devices) that can be sat on top of the crate and set to drop treats in periodically. 

    I will have a “run order” for each class so you know when you will be up next to search. It may be a good idea to potty your dog at least once during class, as the searches will initially be off leash (another reason non working dogs will be crated). An additional barrier will also be in place to contain the search area.

    1. Your dog! On a well fitted collar or harness attached to a 4-6 ft leash. You may consider a specific harness just for scentwork class but don’t need to rush out and buy one right away. We can discuss this more in class.
    2. Soft stinky treats. Something that your dog can consume quickly! No dry boring milkbones! You will hand your treats to me at the beginning of class so I can set them up in the search area. Be sure to bring extra to keep on your person to reward your dog for good behavior in their crate if needed.
    3. A copy of your dog’s up to date vaccination record for our files. You can hand it to me in class or email it to me here.
    Learn to Hunt: Introduction to Scentwork Skills

    $180 / 6 week session


    Pairing Puzzles: Introducing Common Odors Used in Scentwork Sports

    $180 / 6 week session


    Odor Puzzles: Continuation on Building Scentwork Skills

    $180 / 6 week session

    Cancellation Policy: Your registration reserves your spot in this group class. Please be as courteous as possible and let us know ASAP if you need to cancel your reservation. A full refund, minus payment processing fees, can be issued 7 days prior to the start date of class. Cancellations within one week of the scheduled start date are eligible for a 50% refund, minus payment processing fees. There are no refunds available after the scheduled start date. If payment was not collected at the time of registration, you will be billed accordingly.