House Dog Obedience Class

These classes focus on teaching our dogs the manners and skills essential to building a positive relationship and living day to day with our four legged companions. In House Dog Obedience Level 1 we teach you how foundation Obedience behaviors can be applied to real life day to day safety and manners training for your dog. In Level 2 we continue to build on those skills, focusing even more on chaining behaviors together and fading food reinforcers.

  • This class is designed for dogs of all ages (20 weeks and older)
  • Sessions meet weekly (unless specified) for six classes total
  • Pass the skills assessment on week 6 to graduate to level 2
  • Those teams who need more work on foundation level 1 skills can purchase a 3 or 6 pack of group classes for additional level 1 classes
  • Level 2 participants can drop in on a level 1 class once per week to refresh or strengthen foundation skills
  • Registration for class includes access to video examples of skills taught each week for your reference!

Please Scroll Down for everything you need to know.

    Everything You Need To Know

    In Level 1 we will teach skills such as:

    • Sit
    • Down
    • Targeting
    • Eye contact / Name Recognition

    And expand on them to apply to skills such as:

    • Leash Walking
    • Prevent door dashing / begin door etiquette
    • Prevent and manage “stealing” off of counters, tables or floors
    • Station training / Stay
    • Reorient to handler & Come when called
    • Begin a polite greeting routine

    In level 2 we continue to expand on the level 1 skills and begin to apply them to:

    • Entering and exiting new spaces under control
    • Working or passing other teams in close proximity
    • Cuing sniff breaks on a walk
    • Duration Stays: Down and Sit
    • Reliable recalls
    • New Positions: Stand, Middle, Front
      • Must be current on all vaccinations including Distemper/Parvovirus and Rabies
      • A recent exam by a veterinarian where dog was deemed healthy
      • Dogs attending this class should not display extreme anxiety, fear or aggression around other dogs or people. If your dog struggles with any of these problem behaviors, we can address them with private lessons!
      • Level 1 House Dog Obedience or equivalent is a prerequisite to Level 2. Your dog must be able to perform all behaviors on the skills assessment for Level 1 before starting Level 2.

      House Dog Obedience Class meets at our facility at 428 Zimmerman St. North Tonawanda, NY 14120.

      $180 / 6 class credit. 

      You will have different blocks of class times to choose from. For example; Mondays at 6 pm or Thursdays at 7:30 PM 

      First time Level 1 attendees will register for 6 consecutive weeks at the same day / time.

      Clients must use credits within 8 weeks of the session start date.This way if you absolutely need to miss a class clients can drop in to another class or a class can be tacked on to the end. However, it is strongly recommended clients attend for 6 consecutive weeks.

      Attendees will graduate level 1 obedience when the dog is proficient in all skills: minimum 6 weeks attendance.

      Clients can purchase additional House Dog Obedience Credits and continue to stay in level 1 if needed.

      $30 / 1 class credit 

      $90 / 3 class credit

      $180 / 6 class credit

      Once a team graduates level 1, they can move up to level 2 House Dog Obedience. First time Level 2 attendees will register for 6 consecutive weeks at the same day / time, then can purchase additional credits as needed to pass the level 2 skills assessment.

      Level 2 attendees may drop in to any level 1 class for free as long as they are actively enrolled in a level 2 class.

      Cancellation Policy: Your registration reserves your spot in this group class. Please be as courteous as possible and let us know ASAP if you need to cancel your reservation. A full refund, minus payment processing fees, can be issued 7 days prior to the start date of class. Cancellations within one week of the scheduled start date are eligible for a 50% refund, minus payment processing fees. There are no refunds available after the scheduled start date. If payment was not collected at the time of registration, you will be billed accordingly.