Board and Train

First and foremost this is a training program, not a boarding facility. Please see the minimum length of stay below. Boarding facilities can be recommended upon request. Dogs are integrated into my home with my own resident dogs and cats. Only one dog is booked at a time so that I can focus 100% on that individual dog.

Please Scroll Down for everything you need to know.

    Everything You Need To Know

    Puppies (dogs less than 5 months)

    • If your dog has not completed a vaccination series, they will remain indoors with the exception to potty train on leash in fenced in a fenced yard
    • If your dog has completed an adequate vaccination series (DHPPV vaccine administered 3-4 weeks apart up until 14 weeks of age) then your dog will go on “field trips” (e.g. walks in the neighborhood, at local parks or facilities that allow leashed dogs) to generalize behaviors in all types of environments. 
    • Dogs will never be taken to an off leash dog park during their stay and will not interact with any dog that I do not know (within my control)

    Adolescent and adult dog (dogs greater than 5 months of age)

    • Must get along with other dogs
    • If you are unsure, they are not eligible
    • If I feel that your dog is a danger to any of the pets in my household (dogs and cats), you will be contacted immediately to come pick up your pet or it will go into a boarding facility and you are responsible for all charges associated with that cost

    Dogs who struggle with aggression or severe reactivity are not eligible for the board and train program. If you are unsure, they are not eligible. Private lessons are recommended. Request a private lesson here.

    Dogs must be current on vaccinations and have been deemed healthy by a veterinarian within the last year.

    • Minimum adequate DHPPV series and RV 
    • Strongly recommended but not required: Lepto, Lyme, Bordetella vaccines
    • Strongly recommended: Veterinary approved flea & tick preventative, Heartworm preventative
      • $3,000 / three weeks (21 days)
      • 3,900 / four weeks (28 days)
      • 4,800 / five weeks (35 days)
      • 5,700 / six weeks (42 days)
      • An additional $50 will be applied to the following holidays
        • New Year’s Day
        • Memorial Day
        • Independence Day
        • Labor Day
        • Thanksgiving
        • Christmas Day

      The minimum length of stay for board and train reservations is three weeks, no exceptions. Weeks must be consecutive for consistency in behavior skills retention, no exceptions.

      A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required with reserved dates, first come first served. Dates will not be reserved until the deposit is received. Tentative dates cannot be held. Credit card payments will be subject to a processing fee of 2.6% – this is what the credit card company takes from me. You may also pay via cash, check, Venmo or Paypal. An invoice and receipt will be issued for all payment types. Drop off and pick up dates are considered one full day. If you do not want to drop your dog off until 8 pm, or if you want to pick them up at 8 am, you DO NOT receive a discount for that day. The remaining balance is due at the time of drop off. 

      The contract and a copy of your dog’s vaccine record must be completed and returned one week prior to drop off.

      • Adequate amount of food for the duration for your dog’s stay
      • If we need to purchase additional food you will be provided with the receipt and charges will be added to the final balance due
      • Training treats
      • Mat or bed
      • Walking gear (leash, collar or harness) I may make suggestions for different types of gear once I get to know your dog. You will be responsible for purchasing any additional training supplies. 
      • Identification (tags). Please do not drop off your dog with no form of identification!