Puppy Pre-K Class

  • This class is designed for puppies ages 8 – 15 weeks of age
  • Puppies must finish class by 20 weeks of age

Socialization: The socialization period in puppies is between 3-16 weeks of age. Within this time frame, a dog will most likely learn more than in the remaining course of its lifetime. Between 6-12 weeks our puppies are learning to adapt to the human domestic environment. Any negative experiences during this time can be long lasting. In turn, lack of exposure to novel experiences can be just as detrimental. It is vital that we socialize puppies properly during this sensitive period of time to prevent behavior problems related to fear and anxiety. Consider Pine Woods Puppy Class to socialize your new puppy in a controlled and safe environment.

Basic Manners: Each class will include new topics in basic obedience and manners. Puppies and owners will be instructed on how to introduce new behaviors using reward based training. Problem prevention topics such as puppy play biting, house breaking, and crate training can be discussed. Please note this is not a formal obedience class.

Desensitization: We hope that your puppy will never have to visit the vet hospital for more than their annual examinations. But even then we may have to perform routine procedures such as vaccinations or blood collection. When your puppy comes to Pine Woods Puppy Class, they will soon associate the hospital with positive experiences and we hope they will begin to enjoy their regular trips to the vet. During class, we will also work to desensitize pups to routine handling procedures such as ear cleaning and nail trimming.   Requirements:

  • Distemper/Parvo vaccination (at least one vaccine on board or pup is as current as possible)
  • Bordatella vaccination
  • A negative stool sample or prophylactic deworming as recommended by your veterinarian
  • A recent exam by a veterinarian where puppy was deemed healthy