Stay & Train

If you purchased a Premier or Executive puppy please complete your registration below. You will receive an email with information on how to access your materials for the Stay and Train Program.

Week 1:

  • Charge clicker
  • Follow a food lure
  • Pair name with following a food lure
  • Lured hand target
  • Mat/Stay Step 1
  • Toss “Get it” cookies
  • Lured sit
  • Dress in harness
  • Light Restraint
  • Handle: ears, feet, tail, mouth

Week 2:

  • Practice behaviors from previous week as needed
  • Offered hand target
  • Lured and offered sits
  • Mat/Stay steps 1 & 2
  • Use “get it” cookies as resets where needed
  • Lured down
  • Dress in harness
  • Restraint & handling
  • Accept grooming equipment: brush and nail clippers
  • Baby recall: flying cookie game

Week 3:

  • Practice behaviors from previous weeks as needed
  • Offered sits
  • Mat/Stay steps 1, 2 & 3
  • Offered down
  • Dress in harness and lure to follow you when attached to leash
  • Restraint & handling
  • Accept grooming equipment: brush, nail clippers, clipper blades, trim a few nails if you are comfortable
  • Baby recall: flying cookies, chase me games
  • Your puppy must be purchased through Cavapoo Kennels (Lisa Haney) or Cavapoo Acres (Sue D’Amico) for the Extended Stay Program.
  • Breeder’s Home
  • Included with purchase