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Jessica specializes in a personal approach to training. She equips you with the skills and materials needed to transform your dog into a noble beast!


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Jessica Fritschi

Owner and Head Trainer

My career with animals began in 2008 when I graduated Medaille College and subsequently passed my licensing boards to practice veterinary technology in NYS. I landed a job immediately as a vet tech in North Tonawanda, where I am still employed to this day. Veterinary medicine holds a special place in my heart. Through vet med I realized that I wasn’t “just an animal person.” I built relationships not only with the dogs and cats who came in for veterinary care, but with the people attached to those animals as well.

My experience for the last 15 years as a veterinary technician has given me the opportunity to develop advanced skills in handling animals and interpreting body language. Studying animal behavior and mentorships with other behavior professionals helped me to achieve my certifications through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. In 2015 I returned to school and received my second degree, this time in Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation.

It has been an incredible journey, meeting so many dogs and cats and the wonderful people who care for them. I am so lucky to have a career that allows me to educate people on what I am most passionate about: the humane treatment of animals, developing relationships built on trust, and saving lives – human and non-human animal alike.

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Group Training Classes

Start your puppy off on the right paw with puppy pre-k class and continue through House Dog Obedience Levels into our Canine Good Citizen class to give your dog a set of skills that they can use throughout their entire life. Or bounce around and check out our K9 Nose Work or other Specialty Classes to learn new skills and have more fun with your dog.

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HDO Classes

Canine Good Citizen Classes

K9 Nose Work Classes

Specialty Classes

Private Lessons

Perfect for training your dog with one-on-one attention through in-facility, in-home or virtual lessons via Zoom.

In-facility & In-home Private Lessons

Virtual Lessons

Stay and train

Foundation behaviors for your new puppy before they leave the breeder or in-facility stays with pups of all ages with our team of certified dog trainers!
What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to not only keep dogs safe and happy in the training environment but to also equip owners with the skills needed to facilitate socially responsible dog ownership.



Marissa Coffman

Marissa has always had a passion for animals. Her career in veterinary medicine started when she graduated from Medaille college in 2014. After graduation Marissa immediately started her dream job as a licensed veterinary technician at a privately owned hospital in North Tonawanda NY, where she is still employed today. Marissa then began assisting in Puppy Pre-K, House Dog Obedience levels 1 & 2, as well as CGC classes and earned her certification as a Professional Dog Trainer in 2023. Currently Marissa is our scheduling assistant and teaches our level 1 House Dog Obedience class on Wednesday evenings, Puppy Pre-K classes along with the occasional specialty class. Marissa prides herself in her fear free handling and understanding approach to both the animal and human.

MarY Voorhees

Mary earned her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a concentration in Canines in [year]. She is passionate about training dogs and interacting with the people at the other end of the leash. Her partner, Pixie, is a four year old golden retriever who she learns something new from everyday. Mary teaches specialty classes such as Canine Tricks, Patio Dog, Therapy Dog and more! She assists and covers in House Dog Obedience classes, Puppy Pre-K and Nosework classes. Mary is a CGC and trick dog evaluator and is working toward becoming a therapy dog evaluator and a Certified Nosework Instructor! Mary is excited to share her knowledge with both the dogs and humans at The Noble Beast!

Jill Bugbee

Jill is a Canisius College graduate with a master’s degree in education. Half of dog training is educating the handlers and the other half is training the dogs. Her background in education has provided her the teaching techniques to work with humans, and her certification through Animal Behavior College has given her a foundation for working the other end of the leash. Growing up, her family always had dogs which sparked her passion and love for them. Jill always knew that she wanted a career working with dogs. At TNB Jill manages the Day Training Program in addition to teaching House Dog Obedience Level 1 and Puppy Pre-K classes. She lives with her dog, Lucius, her husband and two teenage children.

Melissa Aronica

Melissa is an assistant trainer at TNB. She is currently logging her hours to become a certified dog trainer with a potential interest in Separation Anxiety. Ever since she was little she has wanted to work with animals! Melissa started working at a veterinary hospital at the age of 18 where she has gained knowledge in animal handling techniques. Melissa holds a special place in her heart for labs! Ralphie Parker is her yellow lab and Remington Cooper is her black lab. Melissa will see you at TNB, assisting in House Dog Obedience and Puppy Pre-K classes. She is excited to meet and work with clients and their dogs to learn and grow together!